Fire & Safety

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire can destroy property, contents and endanger occupants in just a matter of minutes. With fire detection and emergency lighting systems there is no room for taking chances. As dangerous as fire is, it is a relief to know that EDSB & Security can provide protection in every scenario, creating a safe environment for everyone

Carefully matching technology to application, we offer a full range of monitoring, detection and extinguishing systems. Our on-site Risk Assessments can help you do more than combat the obvious risks – they can ensure you are operating an effective fire-safety strategy that is appropriate to any possible threat

Before EDSB install any system an extensive survey is carried out before preparing detailed plans for all integrated monitoring and gaseous extinguishing system

EDSB provide comprehensive fire alarm services, offering Open Protocol solutions, enabling total flexibility.

Fire Extinguishing

Fire Extinguisher

EDSB offer a total fire extinguisher, supply, installation and maintenance solution.

All extinguishers supplied are British Standard Kite Marked to ensure quality and come with a 5 year guarantee as part of our ongoing maintenance service.

Water: Designed to target Class A fires, including paper, wood, straw and textiles.Carbon Dioxide: Designed to target Class B fires particularly electrical hazards. Carbon Dioxide is harmless to electrical equipment and is ideal for modern offices, electronic risks, and fires caused by the combustion of liquids such as: oils,fats and solvents.Foam: Designed to target Class A and Class B fires. Class B fires include, liquid spill fires such as petrol, oil, fats and paints.

Powder: Designed to combat mixed fire risk environments. They are suitable for combating flammable liquid risk, such as methane, propane, hydrogen and natural gas fires.

Wet Chemical: Designed for Class F fires, particularly cooking oil and fat fires. The extinguisher is also effective against Class A fires.