Intruder Alarm Systems

Secuirty AlarmSound the Alarm
EDSB supply the highest quality in intruder detection systems to help protect against unauthorised entry and robbery, an effective and reliable, designed, installed, maintained and monitored intruder alarm system, can help you achieve maximum protection.

EDSB Fire & Security are highly experienced in the provision of regional and national, multi site, intruder maintenance contracts, enabled by our national network of fully qualified engineers. With service support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it means we are always there looking out for you.

We can integrate intruder systems to related smoke cloak, panic alarms, hold up alarms, asset tagging and CCTV systems. EDSB have trained monitoring operatives who can confirm sequential alarms, confirm intrusion via onsite CCTV and, where available, provide live audio warnings to prevent vandalism.

CCTV Systems

Security CamerasWatchful Eye
CCTV is not just an aid to security but can be a pro-active tool in crowd control, as well as a means of detecting fire and managing an evacuation.

It is important both day and night to know who has entered the premises, at what time and where they have been. Through CCTV an operator can challenge an intruder either remotely or at a safe distance and where necessary inform the police or emergency services.
The recent advances in Digital Video Recorders have greatly increased the resolution, capacity and retrieval speed of captured images.

EDSB offer expert design, camera selection, installation and maintenance to ensure that when an incident occurs, it is captured on CCTV and is suitably recorded for further analysis.

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry SystemAccess denied
EDSB solutions provide control over who goes where and when, offering total accountability for your site. From a keypad to fingerprint readers, from microchip tags to state of the art turnstiles, We can arm our clients with all manner of systems. Access control and door entry systems not only provide building management control, they can be used to monitor loss prevention and also time and attendance of staff and visitors.

Our professional, building management solutions ensure safe and secure entry systems for personnel, visitors and contractors alike.

All EDSB systems are scalable, enabling our clients to add additional areas to the access system without the requirement for a brand new system.