23 June 2023 - news

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd of June 2023, we would like to give special recognition to one employee in particular, Ellie-May Harrison. As this year's theme is #MakeSafetySeen, we are proud to share Ellie-May's
journey with EDSB.

Ellie-May joined EDSB in May 2022 after spending a period of work experience with us via the Trainee Programme from Skills
for Security, who are our apprenticeship providers. This scheme allows students to gain an insight into what it’s like to be a
Fire & Security engineer, and be better prepared to start an apprenticeship. After impressing on her work placement, Ellie
May accepted a permanent role with us and is currently studying for the Level 3 NVQ in Fire, Emergency and Security Systems.
This is a three year course and she is already well on the way to completing year one!

Ellie-May joined the Midlands team and shadows our senior engineers, carrying out a range of works throughout the
Midlands. She is mentored by our Midlands Team Leader, Malcolm Allen. Working closely with Malcolm, Ellie-May has been
able to learn from his wealth of experience and expertise in Fire & Security.

"Working at EDSB has been an incredible journey, filled with opportunities to learn and grow in the field of Fire & Security. Being a woman in engineering has its challenges, but it also presents a unique opportunity to break barriers and redefine what is possible. I want to encourage other women to pursue their dreams and challenge the stereotypes that persist in our society.

At EDSB, I have been fortunate to work with a supportive and inclusive team that values diversity. They have fostered an environment where my ideas are heard and respected, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to projects. The practical experience and knowledge I have gained has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the mentorship and guidance I have received along the way.

Every day I wake up excited to face new challenges and embrace the ever-evolving world of Fire & Security. The work I do has a real impact on people's safety and well-being, and that is extremely fulfilling.

I am proud to be an engineering apprentice, proud to be a woman in this field, and proud to be part of EDSB."

– Ellie-May Harrison

Malcolm Allen had this to say, “Ellie-May has been ‘in the firm’ for a full 12 months now. She joined us on work experience for a period of three weeks, which enabled her to understand what the role of a Fire & Security engineer looks like, and also gave her a chance to do some practical work. Having moved into a permanent role with EDSB, she is now a proven success with our clients.

Ellie-May is always willing to get involved and is always writing notes and taking photos. This in turn helps her evidence her work, which is a key part of her apprenticeship. As well the practical on site work, she attends college every eight weeks for classroom sessions and hands on learning.

I am very proud to know Ellie-May and it’s a particularly satisfying part of my role, to see her grow from doing a period of work experience to becoming a Trainee Engineer, and on her way to becoming fully qualified.”

Ellie-May’s journey serves as an example to all aspiring engineers, particularly women, of the incredible contributions they can make in the field of engineering and the importance of promoting a strong safety culture in all projects.

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