23 June 2023 - news

Armed Forces Day is a chance to show support for everyone in the Armed Forces community, and as an employer of Service Leavers and veterans, EDSB is proud to celebrate the day.

As a business we want to recognise the hard work, dedication and efforts of those that keep us safe in the UK, and across the world. This extends from serving troops, service families, veterans and cadets.

We are committed to employing Service Leavers and helping those that leave the military, transition into a new career in civilian life. This year we have had, and are due to welcome, Service Leavers into our Install team, our Engineer Attendance team, our Service team and our Passive Fire team. You can hear some of their stories here:

Ben Hague, Acting Engineer Co Ordinator Team Leader

“My name is Ben Hague. I was a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards and spent 7 years in her Majesty’s service until my medical discharge.

Since joining EDSB, I have seen how committed they are to Service Leavers in a multitude of ways. They genuinely see a way to give Service Leavers a good career in civvy street by taking the transferable skills that we don’t think we have, and turning them to both ours and EDSB’s advantage. The recent JobOppO event resulted in EDSB organising a recruitment day where 17 Service Leavers attended. EDSB is also putting together a tailor made apprenticeship programme centred around Service Leavers/veterans which will enable them to join the Fire & Security industry as Engineers with a fast track route to qualification. EDSB is working closely with JobOppO to attend more events and we will be appearing on a podcast in the near future to highlight the roles we are looking to recruit for and also what it is like to be a member of the team.

My biggest advice to Service Leavers looking to join EDSB, is don’t hesitate. This is the first time where I have actually looked forward to starting work on a morning. I genuinely enjoy it whether it has been a hectic day or not, I go home feeling happy and satisfied. Since leaving the Forces I have struggled massively and was constantly searching for somewhere to replicate the way I felt about my career in the Army and I know I have found it here. Their culture is just what I need, and I know that things like the opportunities for progression and money will come here and there’s nowhere else I want that to happen. If anyone does want to take the step and would like a chat about this then I am happy to give just as honest an opinion over a coffee any time, mine is a flat white with brown sugar please.”

Our newest member Morgan Johnston, Install Engineer

“My name is Morgan Johnston and I joined the Army in 2018. Whilst serving I was deployed to North Macedonia and I also did an operational tour of Iraq in March 2022.

I decided to leave the Army in October 2022 and was out to find a new beginning, but I was adamant on making sure it was the correct choice for me. I met with EDSB on their open day for fellow service leavers and I instantly had a good feeling and was made to feel at ease. Throughout the whole resettlement period of leaving the Army not once did anyone from EDSB put any pressure on me with dates of employment or deadlines, they worked with me making it a stress-free process.

Since starting at EDSB I've been made to feel at home, I am grateful to have this opportunity where I've been constantly supported throughout and can't wait to now work my way up learning my trade.

I'm proud to work for this company and even more so that I know they have also really bought into helping and supporting fellow service leavers into potential employment in various different roles."

As a growing business, we have opportunities across all teams. We would love to help more Service Leavers transition out
of the Forces and into a career at EDSB, simply email edsbcareers@edsb.co.uk

We hope you will join us in saying a huge thank you to our Armed Forces and the men and women who have served our
nation #armedforcesday

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