The EDSB Group of Companies are pleased to announce the launch of EDSB Local, a new division focusing on the Yorkshire region of the UK. This flagship venture will specialise within a concentrated area providing a cost-effective, but responsive service for smaller businesses.

Heading up the project is EDSB Account Manager, Adam Cramp. He explains ‘Our first recruit, James Horrey has joined EDSB in May. Although he is new to the industry, he has hit the ground running already, securing three orders within his first month. His enthusiasm to knock on doors and hit the numbers is fantastic to see and I’m looking forward to see him shine’.

The strategy is to employ two more Local Relationship Managers by the end of the year, branching out into other major cities across the UK. We are offering an incredible package to new clients, guaranteeing a reduction within their existing Fire & Security Maintenance costs. If you’re aware of any potential leads then please email