EDSB strengthens its service offering by providing FIA Training for all employees

10 December 2019 - news

As part of a drive to strengthen its service offering even further, EDSB will be providing the FIA Access to FD & A training to all its employees during 2020.  This will include Engineering and Sales teams as well as the central support teams of Helpdesk, Admin, Finance and HR.

The commitment is made to ensure everyone across the business is trained in a basic level of FD & A knowledge, which will ultimately provide a stronger service to our customers.

In addition to this, EDSB is also committed to having all the Engineering and Sales teams trained to FIA Foundation Level, before progressing to the next module relevant to your role, whether that be Install, Maintenance, Commissioning or Design.

In line with EDSB’s commitment to deliver the best service possible to its customers, this ensures that our team are knowledgeable in the FIA standards, regardless of role.  It also demonstrates our commitment to provide an ongoing high level of training to all our employees throughout 2020.

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