EDSB Working in Partnership

14 April 2022 - news

At the start of EDSB’s new financial year, we have been looking at how we can improve our costs and service to you for the year 2022/23.

We intend to provide you with as many initiatives as we can, to make sure we are operating at the most competitive rates and to look after you, as one of our most valued clients.

As you are aware, there are price increases in all aspects of our lives, driven by the fuel crisis, the situation in Ukraine and the increased cost of living. Our first offering of 2022 is to reassure you that we intend to hold our call-out rates to ensure you can deliver to your customers without being impacted by additional costs.

In addition, if you are an existing EDSB client we will not only keep our contracted call-out rate at our current price, but we will also charge contracted rates for a non-contracted call-out, rather than our current rate.

As the world continues to go through a difficult time, we’d like to reassure you that EDSB is a stable and trusted partner, helping you deliver to your customers to the best of your ability.

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