greener edsb

Committed to realise a sustainable, diverse, low carbon future.

The aim of EDSB’s environmental policy is to support the continued development of our business, whilst maintaining a high level of environmental performance, social impact and thought leadership.

We aim to make a significant positive impact to our environment, people, stakeholders and local communities whilst delivering positive impacts for our clients.

We recognise that working in various industries EDSB have a critical role to play in driving down emissions, whilst driving up knowledge through collaboration and partnership.

people first

Our people and culture sets us apart from our competitors, as we always work as #oneteam to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients.

    • Staff training and development
    • Engaging with our staff, customers and supply chain, to make a positive impact on the wider community
    • Staff inductions to include our sustainability commitments

Net Zero

Our company recognises the importance of making a full and lasting commitment to reducing green house gases and our impact on the environment

EDSB Group made its pledge to  UNFCC Race to Zero Campaign 2050.

To ensure our targets are met we will:

    • Measure carbon footprint of all business activities

    • Net-Zero by 2050

    • Promoting and developing services to support staff and customers net-zero ambition


We recognise our services impact the footprint of our customers and will:

    • Act as our clients sustainability champions

    • Promote net-zero and sustainability across all business services and products


EDSB’s business travel impact is a large proportion of emissions and is essential to provide services to our clients. We do however consider the environmental impact of all travel and have implemented the following policy:

    • 1st meeting always online

    • Consider green transport alternatives

    • Transition to electric vehicles by 2025 currently, 26.5%

    • Promote cycle to work schemes

    • Promote car share schemes


We have appointed a sustainability partner to further support are ambition, with continual improvement and ,management of our data.  To ensure we meet and exceed our ambitions we will:

    • Monitor & measure performance against objectives.

    • Review objectives for continual improvement

    • Review the environmental performance of suppliers and partners


Promoting re-use, recycle initiatives across our business.

Offering ethical waste removal as a service reducing the impact to our clients for the work we undertake

United Nations 
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

By supporting our employees, customers and communities to maximise their sustainable impact through education and action, we ourselves are meeting and supporting them to reach a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
By offsetting our unavoidable emissions through our partners at U Offset we invest in a range of projects and communities, that are certified at the highest level by Gold Standard that contribute further to the following SDG’s
Environmental Partnership
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