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Custodian is the UK and Europe’s leading alarm monitoring service from SMC.
Our UK Alarm Receiving Centres operate 24/7 and are amongst the most modern in the world, featuring state-of-the-art communications technology and operating virtual call-centre environments.
We believe that the most important part of a security installation is the response the system achieves upon activation. It’s here that all efforts in design and application are channeled for the effective result of detection and capture.
Our processes are rigorously benchmarked and we regularly set the industry standard when it comes to Alarm Receiving Centre performance in the UK.

Innovation at your fingertips

Designed to give you the ultimate in mobility, visibility and efficiency.
TOUCH allows you to view your alarm systems online, make keyholder
Changes, view event history and generate key reports.


Value Added Benefits

  • Access on the go from any internet ready device – irrespective of your location
  • Easy to navigate
  • Make last minute keyholder, authorised user and password changes without having to make a call to us
  • Visually see the action taken by the Alarm Receiving Centre following your activation
  • Remote access for peace of mind


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