Access, Gates & Barriers

Whether you require an internal or external access control solution, we can assist you. Our systems operate over various platforms and can include the installation of a Gate & Barrier solution as part of your site security.

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Access Control

Our range of Access Control systems can manage single or multiple door operations via a Numerical code, Pin, Keypad or Proximity card. Many of our clients benefit in other ways from using our Access Control including time & attendance, Fire Evacuation lists, Visitor Management and Building Zone Management. Typically managed from a client PC, our Customer training enables you to add, remove or edit your authorised access holders without the need of asking your provider.

Video Door Entry

EDSB install and maintain many types of Video & Audio Door Entry systems nationwide for Commercial Buildings, Office Blocks and Residential environments. Our workmanship and equipment is guaranteed to your satisfaction and we offer a varied range of designs and materials to suit the aesthetics of your property. We recommend you involve our designers and surveyors  at the earliest stage to provide you with the many options we can offer as each building requirement can vary.

Security Gates

We offer a variety of Security Gates for Pedestrian and Vehicle access. Whether you require manual or automatic, single or double leaf, sliding or tracked gates, we can provide the solution.  Our team of experts can assist in this decision by measuring how wide the gate needs to be, what metal type you require, the room required for the gate to open and what operates the open and close process. Crucially, we can also advise on the safety aspects of a Security gate including the devices required to avoid any accidents.

Vehicle Barriers

Our range of Barriers are designed to deter access to prohibited areas and can act as a physical deterrent. Easy to erect and install, they can prevent Vehicle, Pedestrian and even rock fall/debris situations on your property. Roadside Barriers and Work Zone Barriers are used to control the flow of traffic to avoid collisions and hazards, whereas our range of Barrier Arms can control Vehicle access in and out of your site. Due to the varying nature of material and installation resource, we recommend a conversation with one of our specialists to determine what solution would work most effectively in your circumstances.

Bollards & Blockers

Bollards & Road Blockers are ideal alternatives to rising arm barriers or sliding gates within Industrial and Commercial environments as they are more suitable for deterring larger vehicles. These devices are highly durable, vandal resistant and a reliable means of controlling access. In cases of Bollard and Blocker installations, we would advise an accompanying CCTV camera to monitor all activity in this area. A site survey is required in the first instance as a risk assessment and blocker specification will determine what product you require.

Intercom Systems

As part of your Access Control solution, you may require an Intercom solution to confirm the identity of a person before allowing them into your building. These systems can operate with an Audio and/or Visual validation  feature with the access button which can be either desk or wall mounted. By using these units, site visitors can be qualified before entry and our systems can work via single or multiple door operations.