Mechanical Services

We offer a full suite of Mechanical Services including Sprinklers, Extinguishers, Risers, Hydrants and Vents for your business. In addition to supply, we can attend and survey your premises requirements and also provide a fully compliant maintenance offering.

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Fire Extinguishers

EDSB carry out installation and maintenance on all types of Extinguisher, including all necessary types of Water, Foam, Powder, Carbon Dioxide and Wet Chemical.

Sprinkler Systems

A Sprinkler System maintained by EDSB offers your business peace of mind should a Fire situation occur onsite. EDSB can service and repair your existing commercial sprinkler system be it a tank and pump fed system or a towns mains fed system to ensure it meets the correct legislation. We have seen a dramatic rise in Sprinkler clients over the past 12 months and we protect many Commercial, Industrial and Hazardous sectors across the UK.

Dry & Wet Risers

Dry & Wet Risers are installed for fire fighting purposes in buildings with landing valves installed on each floor. They are capable of being charged with water by pumping from Fire service appliances or permanently charged with water from a pumped source. Should your building floors exceed 50m above Fire service access levels, wet risers should be installed due to the pressure required to provide sufficient fire fighting water.

Hose Reels & Hydrants

Hose Reels & Hydrants supply an immediate water supply to either extinguish or prevent the spread of Fire. Typically these devices are found in environments such as Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Hotels, Car Parks and other large areas with a high risk. There are various types of reels; automatic or manual, cabinet or recess mounted, fixed or swinging.

Smoke Vents

Smoke Vent systems are used to aid the safe escape of building occupants and remove smoke effectively through the vent system. We are experienced in a whole range of smoke vent systems from conventional through to highly bespoke systems depending on our customers operational circumstances.

Fire Curtains

Smoke curtains can provide compartmentalisation to provide safe escape from your building and EDSB can provide an expansive range of Smoke and Fire curtains to suit your building requirements, whether you have an open or closed environment.