Security Systems

We offer various forms of Security solutions ranging from affordable small business and domestic systems through to comprehensive packages for large and multi-site operations. Technology and image quality are constantly evolving and our focus is to provide state of the art equipment, future proofing your investment. We can assist your business with integrating each Security function ensuring your premises have maximum effectiveness should it be tested.

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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems enhance the security and safety of property with a wide range of IP solutions offering high definition imagery and large recording storage, incorporating motion detection and remote monitoring. Systems now have the ability to provide you with live imaging on your hand held devices such as phones or tablets.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems are designed to identify intrusion into your property and are generally found in all types of building, be it commercial or domestic. Very much the original Electronic Security solution, these systems can be connected to a remote monitoring stations with keyholding response to prevent unauthorised entry into your premises.

Remote Monitoring

EDSB recommends that all Fire & Security systems are remotely monitored to ensure your business has contingency in place should an incident arise and our NSI Accredited Monitoring partners provide an excellent level of service to our customers.

Domestic Security

Home Security is a growing market for EDSB and we have seen a rapid rise in Domestic CCTV & Intruder requests over the past few years. Many domestic clients have been reassured by the visual deterrent our systems have provided through aesthetic Camera equipment and Intruder Bell Boxes. Our range of Products are well suited to the Residential environment with the quality of any Commercial system which will give you the confidence to be protected by EDSB.

Keyholder Response

Through our vast network of keyholding companies, we can offer incident response and/or site patrols alleviating the need for your staff to have to attend site should there be an out of hours incident (lone worker).

Personal Alarms

As part of your total security strategy, you may require a Personal Alarm ( PA ) in addition to, or incorporated within, your Intruder System. Our range of PA technology provides an additional layer which can used 24 hours a day and linked to the monitoring station. PA devices can be hand held or fixed to a work area.

Disabled Toilet Alarms

Disabled Toilet Alarms are an important part of providing a safe environment for disabled people on your premises. The systems provide a way of alerting staff to an emergency and can also provide assurances should an emergency arise that there is someone there to help.

Nurse Call

A Nurse Call button is typically found around a hospital bed and allows patients in care to alert a nurse or member of staff remotely of their need for help. These systems can be employed where the patient has no other way of communicating or is confined to a isolated location such as a bed in a ward. They can also provide an added sense of security to the user knowing that a signal alert generates a staff response.