Smarter Drivers at EDSB Annual Business Conference 2019

14 March 2019 - news

In March, the EDSB Group of Companies held their Annual Business Conference at GENT by Honeywell, Leicester. The daily attendees from EDSB were split over 3 days to ensure we still delivered on our Installation & Service commitments each day. However one new twist to the EDSB Roadshow style is that we mixed all departments each day to ensure our staff got to meet colleagues they normally only speak to over the phone.

The core agenda was to deliver the year to date results as well as the forthcoming targets & strategies for our new financial year from April.

As part of EDSB’s commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly, all staff members took part in a ‘Safer Driving’ training session, which was a fantastic success. Our greener focus on lowering emissions as well as improving driver safety was demonstrated through a refresher style training course, tackling serious day to day driving subjects including; Driver Awareness, Why do we speed and consideration for others on the road. The external trainer ‘James O’Hara’ provided an entertaining 90 minute session with interaction from the EDSB team. EDSB would like to thank James for his presentation and we hope all drivers have improved their awareness on the road, day to day.

Other highlights from the conference include the new ‘Overtime’ offers to Engineering staff as EDSB look to increase productivity this year, as well as offering our clients out of hours labour to suit their business operations.

EDSB would like to thank Peter Wells and the GENT team for their kind hospitality over the 3 days and we look forward to another successful year with our partners.


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