Crossley Juniors - Under 17’s Boys

Crossley Juniors Football Club is located in Halifax and currently boasts a roster of 18 registered players for this season, with an impressive 12 of them having dedicated over a decade to the team. Leading the club is their devoted manager Paul Brearley, while coaching duties are handled by a few including Ben Gilmour, who is one of EDSB’s newly fully qualified Install Engineers. The team competes in Division 4 for this season, but they have ambitious aspirations to swiftly advance to Division 3. Paul comments more on EDSB’s sponsorship and the team:

As the season progresses, it will be thrilling to see how Crossley Juniors fare in Division 4 and whether they can turn their ambitious dreams of Division 3 into a reality. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: the club's commitment to the sport and each other will continue to shine brightly, inspiring not just the players but also the community they represent. Crossley Juniors Football Club is a testament to the enduring spirit of football and the power of a shared goal to bring people together.

EDSB are proud to support this team and wishes them all the best for this season!

Westbury Strikerz Under 16's Boys Team

Westbury Strikerz started in 2014 as a 5-a-side under 7’s team, managed and coached by husband and wife, Julian and Sarah Turnock, with their youngest son playing as the team’s goalkeeper. EDSB’s very own CRM, Paul Ridgley also has a son in the team, who joined in the 2016/17 season. Paul slowly started to show an interest in helping with the team unofficially. In May 2019 Paul and Curtis (Julian and Sarah’s older son) completed their FIFA level 1 and joined the Westbury Strikerz coaching team.

Their focus has always been to give children of varying ability a chance to be part of a team that tries to keep football fun and inclusive. They have always hovered around the middle of the table over the years, but had success as under 11’s when they won a cup.

Paul Ridgley mentions, “We are aiming for a top 3 finish this season in the hopes of being promoted, but our dream is on winning the league. We believe we have a great chance, as our squad is stronger than ever. After a good pre-season and a few new signings, we are looking very good. Hopefully, we will do it in style with our new kits supplied by EDSB.”

“EDSB kindly sponsored Westbury Strikerz in 2021 as they started the under 14’s season, this provided the players with a full home kit and waterproof jackets.

Once again EDSB has agreed to sponsor the team which will provide all the players with a new home kit. This has come at the perfect time as we have new players and the existing players seem to have all shot up during pre-season.

We really appreciate the sponsorship, as grassroots football isn’t funded and all clubs rely on the generosity of companies like EDSB to help provide kit and equipment for their teams. The coaches, players and parents of Westbury Strikerz would all like to thank you for your continued support.”- Julian & Sarah Turnock

As the team gears up for an exciting season ahead, EDSB extend our heartfelt support and best wishes. Go Strikerz!

Proud to support DIY SOS

Back in November 2022 EDSB Compliance Solutions participated in the BBC 1 Children in Need programme DIY SOS in aid of the Getaway Girls based in Leeds. EDSB and their supply chain kindly supplied and installed a compliant fire detection system as well as a state-of-the-art CCTV system for the charity’s brand new building. The programme was a big success and many EDSB employees enjoyed watching our good work.

However, during the following weeks EDSB felt that they could do more. Commercial Director, Mark Solomon and Central Support Manager, Paula Sacares decided to visit the Getaway Girls premises and meet their CEO, Flavia Docherty. It was a bit of a surprise, however, to see that although there had been extremely generous input from Children in Need and all the suppliers, providers and individuals who had given up their time for this project, there were, shall we say, a few loose ends that the charity needed a bit of support on and we really wanted to help.

Proud to support DIY SOS

It was clear that the Getaway Girls required some aid to be able to operate compliantly and to be able to use and have confidence in the fantastic systems they had installed. The first promise EDSB made was to maintain their fire and CCTV systems free of charge. This is not just for now, this is an ongoing pledge for as long the Getaway Girls needs us. EDSB hopes that this gesture will assist the charity in being able to focus on their amazing work to the local community in Leeds.

In addition to this, EDSB has returned to the Getaway Girls premises and provided training so their team can operate both the fire and CCTV systems in confidence. One final gift from EDSB was to supply their premises with fire extinguishers throughout the building, once again to avoid unnecessary costs.

“A massive thank you to Mark and everyone at EDSB for all your support as part of DIY SOS and beyond. Thank you for the donation of equipment, fitting and ongoing support. All the staff from EDSB who installed the Fire Safety and CCTV systems were very professional. We really appreciate your commitment to Getaway Girls as part of our ongoing partnership with EDSB.”

– Getaway Girls CEO, Flavia Docherty

EDSB Compliance Solutions is extremely proud to have supported the Getaway Girls in the original build but also for our after-care service and we wish them every success in their own project.

Westbury Vets on their European Tour

EDSB Compliance Solutions are supporting grassroots football once again this year with many teams wearing the EDSB logo on their shirts and training tops.

However on this occasion we have sponsored the Westbury Veterans, based in Bury with their first ever tour into Europe. EDSB’s very own Technical Surveyor Paul Ridgley, who has been with the business for many years, approached EDSB to sponsor his team for this amazing event and we were excited to support them as they headed to Belgium for 4 games. The event itself is over 30 years old and is based in the town of Riemst, in the province of Limburg. Therefore, when the team were invited to come over and take part in the tournament, there was no hesitation to make their European debut!

The Vets had a hugely successful tournament winning 3 out of their 4 games, only narrowly missing out to an open age French team with many 20 year olds, so no real complaints.

EDSB provided the funding for their travel jerseys which they proudly wore throughout the tour and will also use them this year as they contend in the Cheshire Veterans League.

“Can I just say a massive thank you for the sponsorship, we were one of the main English clubs in the competition that seemed to
put each team to the sword, which is why we ended up facing an open age side in the end, to bring us back down to earth. However to face each team kitted in the hoodies all matching with your company logo on show and then also have them worn at night, showed the unity and professionalism of the team but also the commitment to represent your company with pride day and night. We plan to wear them for the upcoming season where we will be appearing in the Cheshire Veterans League, given the lads prefer them to the original one we have, so we can continue to represent going into the new season. Thank you once again!”
— Westbury Vets Manager, Matthew Sharples

From everyone at EDSB we would like to congratulate the team on having a successful tour and wearing their EDSB tops with pride.

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