9 June 2023 - sponsorship

Proud to support DIY SOS

Back in November 2022 EDSB Compliance Solutions participated in the BBC 1 Children in Need programme DIY SOS in aid of the Getaway Girls based in Leeds. EDSB and their supply chain kindly supplied and installed a compliant fire detection system as well as a state-of-the-art CCTV system for the charity’s brand new building. The programme was a big success and many EDSB employees enjoyed watching our good work.

However, during the following weeks EDSB felt that they could do more. Commercial Director, Mark Solomon and Central Support Manager, Paula Sacares decided to visit the Getaway Girls premises and meet their CEO, Flavia Docherty. It was a bit of a surprise, however, to see that although there had been extremely generous input from Children in Need and all the suppliers, providers and individuals who had given up their time for this project, there were, shall we say, a few loose ends that the charity needed a bit of support on and we really wanted to help.

Proud to support DIY SOS

It was clear that the Getaway Girls required some aid to be able to operate compliantly and to be able to use and have confidence in the fantastic systems they had installed. The first promise EDSB made was to maintain their fire and CCTV systems free of charge. This is not just for now, this is an ongoing pledge for as long the Getaway Girls needs us. EDSB hopes that this gesture will assist the charity in being able to focus on their amazing work to the local community in Leeds.

In addition to this, EDSB has returned to the Getaway Girls premises and provided training so their team can operate both the fire and CCTV systems in confidence. One final gift from EDSB was to supply their premises with fire extinguishers throughout the building, once again to avoid unnecessary costs.

“A massive thank you to Mark and everyone at EDSB for all your support as part of DIY SOS and beyond. Thank you for the donation of equipment, fitting and ongoing support. All the staff from EDSB who installed the Fire Safety and CCTV systems were very professional. We really appreciate your commitment to Getaway Girls as part of our ongoing partnership with EDSB.”

– Getaway Girls CEO, Flavia Docherty

EDSB Compliance Solutions is extremely proud to have supported the Getaway Girls in the original build but also for our after-care service and we wish them every success in their own project.

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