Supporting Grassroots Football: Garforth Villa Blues U9's

24 May 2024 - news|sponsorship

The Garforth Villa Blue team is a tight-knit group of boys who have come a long way since their previously challenging football season. Many of the boys have been part of the club since their Mini Villa days, forging strong bonds that extend beyond the football field. Not only teammates, these boys are also schoolmates and friends outside the pitch. The previous season had been a rollercoaster, marked by ups and downs that tested their resilience. However, this season has unfolded differently, with the team displaying newfound consistency and resilience. Competitive games have become the norm, each match bringing forth a showcase of their skills and a chance to learn and grow.

EDSB Compliance Solutions has proudly sponsored the Garforth Villa Blue team for the season by providing each player with brand new kits. The Club Manager, Mark Clapham, expresses how important EDSB’s support is to the team and what the sponsorship goes towards.

Mark goes on to explain the team's expectations for the future, which is to continue playing fun and competitive games, whether they win or lose. Games serve as extensions to training, providing opportunities for the boys to learn and master essential skills as the team's journey progresses.

The boys have performed exceptionally well in their divisional league, making it likely that they will move into the next league. This transition will bring new challenges, but we are confident that the team possesses the necessary skills, confidence and experience to succeed.

The Garforth Villa Blue under-9 boys approach each game with enthusiasm, always ready to learn and showcase their evolving skills on the pitch. EDSB is delighted to support this team and wishes them all the best for the future!

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